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epdm rubber


We have a wide range of rubber products for all of your needs. Remember to contact us if if there are any particular specifications.

Rubber Extrusion A109


Our silicone expertise provides you the customer with cost effective solutions. Used by various sectors for military, civilian, emergency, aviation and maritime applications.

fireproof and fire retardant jacket


We have a wide of flame retardant products for use in many applications including door seals, food and drink applications and gaskets.

What Ronfell Rubber Can Do For You

Ronfell Rubber are specialists in molding and extrusion. We supply a wide range of compounds to a range of British and ASTM Standards including automotive, medical and flame retardant. This includes a vast array of rubber, silicone and flame retardant products. Please feel free to browse the site and the products. If there are any specific requirements that you need please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Below you will see some of the products and applications that we can supply at Ronfell Group.

Shot Molding – Silicone, Plasctic and Shot Moldings – TPE Moldings
Water Cutting
Rubber-Metal Compounds | Rubber Plastic Compounds
Product Development
Tool Making
Injection Molding & Pressure Molding | Corner Molding

Pipe Isolation

The reduction or elimination of noise and fatigue due to vibrations of pipework against the supporting structures.

Help Point Covers

Covers for wall mounted call points provide a protective barrier against misuse, damage or vandalism. They waterproof, durable and are easy to install

High Quality Rubber

From rubber tubing and profiles to EPDM Nitrile and Neoprene



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