Ronfell Group specialise in a range of rubber made products 

Ronfell Rubber specialises in custom made rubber hose assembles for marine, defence and heavy industries. 

We produce a range of high quality hoses for various industrial applicants. Available in sizes ranging from 50mm to 1000mm diameter and lengths up to 12 metres. Our products range from solid rubber tubes and sleeves, textile reinforced discharged hoses, fully embedded wire and tyre cord reinforced suction hoses as well as complex heavy-duty structures; incorporating steel rings for high vacuum and external crush-loading protection. 

Industry distribution areas:

Oil & Petrochecmical

Dredging & Mining

Waste Water

Material Handling

Power Generation

Defence & Military


Oil & Petrochemical hoses

Our capabilities mean we have a range of range of smooth bore oil & petrochemical suction hoses. Our dockside medium-duty 'hard wall;' hoses are good for environments and handling conditions; our heavy-duty hoses are for use in rough or restricted environments with limited handling handling facilities. 

Our dockside hoses are equipped with a compounded nitrile rubber lining to facilitate all types of petroleum products. Similarly, tough neoprene rubber protects the hose externally against oil, abrasion and weathering.

Full-bore couplings are built-in to the hoses, however many hoses are specifically designed for individual terminal loading requirements. For more information on our oil and petrochemical hoses contact us via our email;

Dredging & Mining

Designed for use on outboard systems of cutter suction and trailing suction hopper dredgers where gimbal supports are used. These hoses are capable of a high angular deflection over short lengths. 

Our range of dredging, mining and material handling hoses with specially compounded hard black and pure soft gum natural elastomers in varying thickness depending on the severity of application. A carcass of high-strength synthetic cords gives maximum stability under pressure. High tensile steel wire or heavy duty separate embedded steel rings gives flexability and maximum resistance to crushing and vacuum collapse. 

Coupling systems include integral, beaded end built-in fittings. Tough neoprene rubber protects the hose externally against abrasion, oil, sea water and weathering.

Expansion Joints

Specifically designed for flexible connections and bellows, our expansion joints are designed and custom-built to withstand the harshest environments to suit a wide variety of working conditions and industrial applications. 

Multiple layers of high-strength synthetic cord give shock-resistant and stability under pressure. High tensile steel rings give maximum vacuum resistance and optimum flexibility for axial and angular movements. 

Elastomer qualities are formulated to offer maximum resistance to abrasive and corrosive substances as well as external protection from sunlight exposure and weathering. 



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Established during the 1990s, Ronfell Rubber specialises in both rubber and plastic safety equipment. Our new website showcases products suitable for logistical, heavy goods, and truck body building companies, our wide collection range features everything from wheel chocks, hose ramps, dock bumpers and other apparatus

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